Zopiclone is a short-term treatment for insomnia and other sleep problems. Find out the most important things about Zopiclone and how you can use it safely before you go for Zopiclone for sale.

What Is Zopiclone And For What Can I Use It?

Zopiclone is prescribed to provide short-term relief from sleep problems and insomnia. It prevents frequent waking up during the night as well as makes it easier to fall asleep. By acting on brain chemicals to make a person feel sleepy and relaxed,Zopiclone increasessleep duration and improves sleep quality. 

It is best to use the lowest effective dose of Zopiclone for a short duration, usually between 5 and 10 days and never exceeding a dose of taking it 2 to 4 times every week. It is better to use it when you need it rather than take it every day for a long time. This is particularly important as the body gets used to it quickly and the medicine loses its effect. If you get Zopiclone for sale and use it for a long, then it can make the body dependent on it. 

What Is The Right Dose Of Zopiclone?

You can commonly get Zopiclone for sale for a 7.5 mg tablet. Follow these dose instructions carefully when using this medicine:

  • In normal cases, the dose is 1 tablet to be taken at bedtime
  • For people older than 65 years, a lower dose is recommended, usually half of the normal dose. This lower dose reduces their risks of falls and other side effects.
  • After taking Zopiclone, it may be 30 to 60 minutes till the medicine starts working and producing the desired effects.
  • Always follow the instructions given on the medicine label and how your doctor instructs. Never change the dose, frequency, or duration of treatment.

How To Take Zopiclone Safely?

Before you use Zopiclone, you must be aware of the right way to take this medicine. Here are some safe ways to take Zopiclone:

  • Unlike other medicines that you must take every day, you only need to take Zopiclone when you feel the need to take it rather than taking it every night.
  • You should also use sleep hygiene techniques alongside taking Zopiclone to solve sleep problems.
  • The tablets are made to be swallowed whole with a glass of water without crushing or chewing them.
  • If you take a dose of Zopiclone when going to sleep and still aren’t able to sleep, then never take a second dose during the same night.

Precautions And Warnings

It is important to use Zopiclone carefully and exactly as prescribed as it can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and increase the risks of accidents by affecting your concentration.


If you look for Zopiclone for sale and get it, then remember that it causes drowsiness but it has different effects on everyone using it. Some people have a feeling like a hangover and feel drowsy for 12 hours after taking Zopiclone and face coordination problems, falls, and dizziness.

Alcohol consumption

It is important to avoid drinking alcohol before or after taking Zopiclone as it can cause severe breathing problems, and drowsiness, and you may face difficulty waking up.

Driving a car and riding a bike

Zopiclone can affect coordination and the ability to concentrate. Therefore, it is important to avoid driving a car, riding a bike, or using heavy machinery after taking Zopiclone. 

Risk of falls

Since Zopiclone affects concentration and causes sleepiness, it can increase the risk of falls, while also causing muscle weakness. The following people are at higher risk of falls:

  • Elderly, over the age of 65
  • Have a habit to get out of bed during the night
  • Using other medicine that lists the risk of falls as their side effects

How To Stop Using Zopiclone?

It is very important to stop using Zopiclone in the right way. If you first look for Zopiclone for sale and then go through its treatment, but end it abruptly, then it can be dangerous. It is particularly important if the treatment has been longer than a few weeks that you first reduce the dose of Zopiclone and then finally stop taking it. Sudden withdrawal can lead to withdrawal effects, such as insomnia coming back, anxiety, restlessness, and other sleep problems. 

What Is The Right Place To Get Zopiclone?

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