When the pain has become unbearable and all other medicines have lost their effects, it is the right time to switch to Co Codamol 30 500 UK.

Description Of CO Codamol30 500 UK

  • Co-codamol is a kind of painkiller that consists of both paracetamol and codeine.
  • It is usually suggested when other painkillers like paracetamol alone or ibuprofen have not reduced the pain.
  • Low-dose co-codamol can be bought over the counter from pharmacies, but higher-strength co-codamol can only be obtained through a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist.
  • The codeine in co-codamol can become hooked, so one should have their prescription discussed by the doctor regularly.
  • Co-codamol is occasionally known by its brand names  Zapain, Solpadol, and Kapake.
  •  It is essential to read the patient leaflet to get a thorough knowledge of the medicine.

The People Who Can Take Co-Codamol

It can be used by anyone who is above 12 years of age, but for children under-16 years it is important to read the information for co-codamol for children. Children under-18-year of age should only use it if other painkillers have stopped working.

The People Who Cannot Take CoCodamol

  • Have an illness which causes fits
  • Have lung problems or breathing difficulties
  • Have liver problems
  • Have adrenal gland problems
  • Apnoea syndrome
  • Have a head injury
  • Are trying to become pregnant, are already pregnant or are breastfeeding – co-codamol is not usually recommended in pregnancy or while breastfeeding
  • Are less than 18 years old and have had their tonsils or adenoids removed because of a sleep problem called obstructive sleep 
  • Regularly drink more than the maximum recommended amount of alcohol (14 units a week)

How do CoCodamol Acts On The Body

Co-codamol tablets consists both paracetamol and codeine. Paracetamol acts by obstructing the chemical transmitters of pain. Which results in reducing the sensation of pain.  Codeine is a type of opiate painkiller. Codeine stops the signals of pain that would usually travel beside the nerve cells. This means that the signals of pain do not enter the brain, additionally decreasing the susceptibility to pain. Using two different kinds of painkillers can be a more powerful way of treating pain. The fusion of the two medicines in one tablet also reduces the number of medicines one needs to take every day.

Information About Dosage When you Buy Co Codamol 30 500 UK

Co-Codamol is available in three different strengths. The quantity of paracetamol in each tablet is the same, whereas the quantity of codeine ranges from 8mg to 30mg for each tablet.  The standard dose is 1 or 2 tablets of any power about 4 times daily. It is mandatory to give a gap of 6 hours between each dose, and the maximum number of tablets you can take in a 24-hour period is 8 tablets. Normally patients can take 2 tablets at a time. This dose is equivalent to 1000mg (1 gram) of paracetamol, which is the maximum suggested amount of paracetamol for each dose. Therefore one must not take any other medicine which consists of paracetamol.