Codeine is an opiate painkiller that treats different pain conditions, including injury and operation. People use Codeine Phosphate 30mg Tablets when other painkillers, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and paracetamol don’t work to treat their pain. By working in the central nervous system and the brain, it blocks pain signals coming from the other parts of the body. Not just treating pain. But Codeine also works to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with pain. 

You can buy the lower strength of this medicine or get it mixed with other medicines, such as paracetamol (co-codamol) and aspirin (co-codaprin). 

The Use Of Codeine Phosphate 30mg Tablets During Pregnancy

Pregnant women can take Codeine, but they should not use this medicine for the long term. The safety of Codeine during pregnancy also depends on the phase of pregnancy women take it in. 

If a pregnant woman uses it at the end of pregnancy, the baby is at risk of developing dependence on this medicine. This suggests that the baby will develop withdrawal effects after delivery. If this happens, the baby may go into medical conditions for which they will need extra observation time in the hospital. 

Treating pain is also an important thing to do during pregnancy. Doctors sometimes suggest Codeine for some pregnant women having severe pain. But during pregnancy, you must let your doctor decide whether Codeine is safe for you and your baby or not. 

Codeine Phosphate 30mg Tablets And Breastfeeding

You should not take Codeine when breastfeeding a baby. Doctors claim that since small amounts of Codeine pass into the breast milk, it can cause breathing problems in the baby. This can make the baby sleep excessively and stay drowsy even when they are awake. 

Discuss with your doctor and they will recommend a safer painkiller to use during the breastfeeding phase. 

Codeine Phosphate 30mg Tablets

The Effects Of Codeine On Fertility

If you take normal doses of Codeine for a short time, then no research claims that it could reduce the fertility of men or women. But if you take it for a long time and are trying to get pregnant or are worried about the effects of Codeine on fertility, then discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist. 

Always be careful when using Codeine about the following conditions:

  • You are trying to get pregnant
  • You are already pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding a baby

Are There Any Effects Of Codeine On Contraception?

Codeine has no effects on any type of contraception, including emergency contraception and combined pill. This is true when using Codeine for pain management.

But when you are taking Codeine Phosphate 30mg Tablets for severe diarrhea lasting longer than 24 hours, your contraceptive pills may not work to protect you from pregnancy. Read the pill packet and use Codeine carefully and stay in the safe zone.

Buying Codeine Online

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