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Terms & Conditions

This section deals with the acceptance of general terms and conditions

When you use our services for any reason offered on our site, you agree with our Terms and Conditions (mentioned below) and Privacy Statement. Accepting these Terms and Conditions means that you accept to enter into a direct agreement with a Pharmacy. This agreement also includes the delivery terms of the Pharmacy. It also means that in the event of Consultation, you agree to get treatment from a doctor. In these Terms and conditions, the reference of paragraph ‘Parties, Relations and Agreements’ is given.

You certify that you have carefully read and understand all the mentioned Terms & Conditions without any deficiency in judgment due to health issues. These issues which can impair judgment include medication, mental illness, intoxication, and more. You warrant that we can amend or revise the Terms & Conditions periodically without bringing this to your notice. It is requested to please keep yourself well-updated from time to time with the latest version of the Terms & Conditions available on our site.

It is essential to know that the content and information shared on our Website must be used for guidance only other than considering it as a definite suggestion to adopt any specific medication or treatment. Our company, SuperMeds, and other experts involved in website management are not responsible for any medical, financial, or legal issues related to our services.

These Terms & Conditions Contain the Following Definitions:

  • Act of God: It refers to the show that is not under the control and influence of humans. It occurs due to the direct operation of natural forces without human intervention. It can also be described as an act that cannot have been avoided or escaped by care, diligence, or foresight.
  • Agreement: You entered a contract after accepting the Terms & Conditions.
  • Carrier: This term is used to describe the notable and reliable shipment and courier companies, e.g. UPS, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, DHL, and more.
  • Company: SuperMeds Limited is working as SuperMeds. This company is incorporated in United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the company number ICC20210188. Its registered office is at Office 1204 in Tiffany Tower, Al-Thanyah Fifth, plot # 888, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with P.O Box 487307. SuperMeds Limited is the owner of this Website, offering the services mentioned in the Service section below under these General Terms & Conditions.
  • Consultation: This refers to medical consultation in which a Doctor examines whether a treatment suits patients and later on the issue a prescription, based on medical assessment, that delivers to a Pharmacy. This consultation involves telephonic conversation, secure messaging, photo evaluation, video consultation, and Medical Questionnaires.
  • Content: It includes all material, e.g. text, images, and audio information, provided to you and is accessible at SuperMeds.
  • Customer: Any person who visits the Website and agrees with the Terms & Conditions. It includes visitors who agree with Requests Treatment.
  • Doctor: A licensed and independent medical doctor on his/her residence who is authorized to review the Medical Questionnaire. A doctor has the authority to determine whether a prescription can be directly issued to you (if needed) or not.
  • SuperMeds or Website: This Website contains the published Content and the offered Services.
  • Medical Questionnaire: It consists of the questions that a Doctor asks to assess the medical anamnesis.
  • Password: It is a secret code or word.
  • Patient: The term denotes a Customer that requests and uses our Consultation services.
  • Pharmacy: A self-governing vendor of the Products. It can be a registered and licensed UK pharmacy in the event of prescription medicine and another provider for non-prescription medication.
  • Pharmacy’s Terms and Conditions: It contains terms and conditions related to customer and pharmacy agreements. This also describes which services will be offered to the Customers during the purchase process and when these terms and conditions will be applicable.
  • Privacy Statement: All the statements mentioned under the title of Privacy Statement.
  • Products: This means the products cited on the Website for information and selling purposes, whether prescription or not.
  • Referral: Denotes to the guidelines for the benefit of and record and risk of a Customer to move Pharmacies for the provision of Products and to arrange Consultation with a licensed Doctor.
  • Services: It includes information regarding lifestyle, health, products, complaints and solutions. This online service for clients involves the name, account and risk of the Customers as well as contracts or agreements with the Pharmacies to dispense Products and the arrangement of Consultation.
  • Serviced Languages: These languages are indicated on the Website to be used by the people residing in the country where any of the mentioned languages is spoken.
  • Terms & Conditions: Denotes to general terms and conditions to which a Customer agrees and after which an agreement between Customer and pharmacy is formed.
  • Treatment/Treatment Request/Request for Treatment/Requesting Treatment & Request Treatment: Refers to the treatment via particular Products a Pharmacy provides, sells or delivers, including any other service the Company offers.

General Description of Services

Services Information

SuperMeds is a website and online service designed for informational purposes and to facilitate consumers. It is essential to know that SuperMeds does not suggest or offer the Products but make sure that the right controlled Pharmacies deliver safe and genuine products to the Customers. SuperMeds is a consumer service provider, so it cannot be branded as an online or internet pharmacy. The Website offers information related to a variety of health issues as well as their possible treatments. SuperMeds does not offer the Products mentioned on the site but provides an opportunity for its Customers to call for Treatment (probably with medicines). The mentioned charges are the amount to be used on Product delivery and for the account and risk of the customers from independent Pharmacies, as well as for Consultation by a Doctor (if required). Suppose a Treatment request is sent by a Customer that instructs SuperMeds to manage it. In that case, SuperMeds will find a suitable Pharmacy by considering the product availability, price, and distance from the Customer. However, it is essential to know that SuperMeds has no affiliation with the Pharmacies nor cooperates with them. When a Customer places a request, SuperMeds is free to choose a Pharmacy and does not take any commission or profit from Pharmacies. The same is the case with Pharmacies, as they are independent and free to accept the Customers referred by SuperMeds and do not take any commission from SuperMeds. SuperMeds does not provide Products but serves as a communicative service that sends customer requests to the Pharmacies to sell and deliver the required Products to the Customers. The costs of Products at the Pharmacies are already available in advance at SuperMeds, and no negotiation on it has been done from the Customers’ and Pharmacies’ side. The cost of the Products, in addition to shipping prices, is also added to the amount for the Service cited on the Website.

Meanwhile, if a Customer wants to get treatment from prescription medicines and requests SuperMeds to arrange it, SuperMeds will search for a suitable and available Doctor. SuperMeds does not bind doctors nor cooperate with them. When any Customer requests treatment, SuperMeds freely choose the Doctor and do not receive commissions. The policy is the same for the Doctors as they are accessible in their choice to provide Consultation to the Customers of SuperMeds and don’t get any commission. A standard fee is offered to the Doctors for a Consult at SuperMeds that is included in the cost of the Service stated on the Website. SuperMeds will pass on the requested treatment to a Doctor for the Customer and never influence a Doctor’s Consultation. The Doctor is free to prescribe any medication, and SuperMeds never interferes in the Doctor’s decision to specify any particular drug.

It is essential to learn that all the content at SuperMeds is made available only for informational purposes. This information cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, such as an evaluation from a qualified physician or healthcare provider. No material on the website can be used for treatment purposes, for diagnosing any medical condition or as a replacement for a physician or healthcare provider. The interactive responses and health issues-related information at SuperMeds cannot be taken as medical advice. You agreed that we have recommended you access other authorised sources to confirm the read information and consult your physician or certified healthcare provider about your medical condition. Additionally, you accepted that we had advised you to always take decisions about medications and other treatments after consulting your doctor or healthcare professional due to medical concerns.  In case you are suffering from any medical problem or suspect it, you need to contact your physician or healthcare provider on an immediate basis for treatment. Moreover, in severe cases, you must seek help from emergency personnel or contact the emergency services on your premises. Never ignore medical advice or delay in the treatment considering the information you read on the Website, such as emails, live chat or phone support, etc., or suggested by the Doctors. You admitted that we advise you to consult your physician or qualified health professional before taking or starting any medicine, treatment or dietary supplement mentioned on this Website. If you rely on the content and information provided on this Website, then you do so at your own risk.

This Website is not designed to diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications. That is why the information on the Website cannot be used to treat medical issues, in case of medical emergencies or to resolve medical, legal or financial problems. If you obtain or use any information directly or indirectly from this Website, you will do this at your own risk.

In the case of health advice specifically, not exclusively, before taking action on any recommendation, we instruct you first to seek the services of your physician or certified health professional that this action is applicable and practical or not or search for a second or third opinion from other medical experts of the field. You acknowledge that certain limitations are linked with consultations due to the unavailability of physical examination, in-person advice, and extensive investigations. Any person at SuperMeds, whether owner, directors, managers, employees, partners, agents, writers, affiliates or advertisers, does not hold any legal responsibility for any incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate information provided on the Website or acquired from Consultation.

How SuperMeds Work?

At SuperMeds, first-time users of the Website can register themselves before using our services or select one of our services and get registered during the process. We offer various services, and you can see them in detail with the heading ‘General Description of our Services under Terms and Conditions. Moreover, you can also access the menu ‘How it Works?’ on our Website to get further information about how it functions.

Our Doctors carefully and keenly prepared all the Medical Questionnaires following best medical practices. You must register on our website to submit a Medical Questionnaire and get medical treatment. Without registering on our Website, you cannot perform both tasks. Your secure online electronic record is created when you register on our website. The number and frequency of any Product assumed to be supplied to you can be limited due to legal restrictions and professional code of conduct. Likewise, there is no responsibility to provide numbers exceeding the maximum permitted quantities, and we will charge only for those quantities supplied to you. We are authorized to decline any of your Treatment Requests.

We accept Treatment Requests at Doctors’, Pharmacies’ and at our discretion. We keep the right to reject or decline any treatment requests without justification. There can be additional terms and rules for various products by law or to ensure your safety that will be available on the Website.

How should You Use our Services?

When you Request Treatment Using our Website, you Accept and Confirm the Following Points:
  • By law, you can enter into binding agreements;
  • Your age is at least 18 years, as you are not allowed to Request Treatment on our Website or use the Service if you are below the age of 18;
  • You reside in the country in which one of the Serviced Languages is spoken as the primary language;
  • You officially agree with a Pharmacy and agree to accept its terms and conditions (make available to the Customer during the process where needed) as rules to determine your relationship with the pharmacy;
  • The displayed Products are only for personal use, and you admit that you understand the language in which you are reading the content on the website. You must be aware whether the use of our Service is legal in your country of residence or not as you will be responsible yourself for this.

Be vigilant and Careful While Using our Website and Services Following the things Mentioned Below:

  • The availability of Consultation to you is associated with the fact that you truthfully and honestly complete all the questionnaires on the Website. You are advised to reveal all your related information truthfully and best of your knowledge.
  • You can register only once on our Website. If you create more than one account, then one of your accounts or even all will be disabled.
  • Never register or fill out the questionnaire on behalf of anyone else except if an individual allows you to do so and sends an express consent to us.

We are Not and Cannot be Responsible for any Harm and Issue that is Caused by:

    1. Your failure or negligence in providing the complete, accurate and honest information of your patient record or in the questionnaire you completed or any other information you make us available;
    2. Your failure to follow the advice provided on the Website or in conveying the information on the Website to your regular physician or healthcare provider.

You accept that information on the Website does not serve as an alternative to your regular physician or qualified healthcare provider. You must consult your regular physician or healthcare provider about the medication and treatment. All the content and information on the Website are available in the languages mentioned on the Website. It is your responsibility to ensure that you thoroughly understand the questions added to the questionnaire which you have completed on the Website. In case any question is challenging to know for you, you are unsure about the answer to any question, or the advice provided on our Website, you are required to talk with your regular healthcare provider in detail to resolve the issue.

It is your responsibility to check whether the products suggested and dispensed to you are the right ones recommended by a Doctor and are not damaged. In case of any suspicion, you must contact the Pharmacy immediately for further guidance or replacement if applicable. Never use products that are not the prescribed Products or become damaged when delivered to you.

Before using any product, carefully read its packaging and labels. If you are about to buy the Products in advance for use, you must ensure that the consumed Products are not outdated. It is also essential to ensure that nobody except you can access the Products delivered to you for medication.

Unacceptable Use

We can deny you the right to use our website or cancel any Service provided earlier. This also includes removing your data and account from our system with immediate notice. This may result from breaching the terms and conditions set by our Acceptable Use Policy or abusive behaviour or inappropriate behaviour for any employee, agent, or Associate.

This includes:

    1. Offensive remarks or behaviour, abusive, inappropriate, threatening, or foul language;
    2. Excessive use of Services or purchase of Medicines, as we determine through our reasonable thinking;
    3. I am doing any time-wasting activities.

Relations, Parties & Agreements

A Customer and a Pharmacy agree to the supply and sale of Products. These do not depend upon the terms and conditions of the pharmacy, if it has any, or who is responsible for collecting the payment. If there are any terms and conditions of the pharmacy, the customer will receive them at the appropriate point during the request process. If these are applicable, they will determine the relationship between the Customer and the Pharmacy.

SuperMeds Offers Consultation Services for Customers on its Behalf and Using its Name.

Doctors perform these Consultations with the primary aim of protecting, restoring, and maintaining the health of the concerned person. The Doctor is responsible for the Consultation service, even though SuperMeds arrange the session. Therefore, SuperMeds works to perform administrative tasks.

All Doctors and Pharmacies must follow these Terms and Conditions, and they cover all Services we offer. Rules of Professional Conduct apply to Doctors and Pharmacies, as do the national laws. The rules and regulations of the area where Doctors and Pharmacies are located somehow determine how consultations and Products are supplied.

To explain it more clearly, consider a Pharmacy located in the UK. English Law will govern the delivery of its Products. The delivery will be deemed to be in England and under the English court’s jurisdiction.


A Doctor decides whether a patient is suitable for treatment, seeing their medical condition. If treatment is appropriate, they issue a prescription, which we send to a Pharmacy. You should fill out the Medical Questionnaire with complete and accurate information. This enables the Doctor to prescribe the proper treatment and Products for your risk-free treatment. If you do not fill out the questionnaire and leave the questions unanswered, you may be prescribed Products that ultimately damage your health. To avoid this, the Medical Questionnaire asks for the list of medications you currently use, so provide the information correctly.

If you do not complete the Medical Questionnaire, then it means that you do not Request Treatment. Alternatively, you should visit your regular doctor and ask whether there would be any contra-interactions between the Product and the medicines or combinations of drugs you are using. You should also know if there is anything in your medical history that does not make it feel good to start using the Product without damaging your health.

There is a risk of possible side effects when you use any Products. So, remember and understand that any Product you use can cause adverse effects. Some of these are listed on the medicine information leaflet with the Product, and there may be additional side effects. The current doctor or pharmacist should be notified about your Treatment. There is no one, not even doctors, nurses, or administrative personnel, to guarantee that the Treatment will provide the desired results if prescribed.

Price Changes

SuperMeds can rightfully change the prices mentioned on the Website for various medicines and Treatments. When you submit a Treatment Request, you will follow the cost of each Treatment as listed on the Website. Whenever we enter the relevant information on our Website, we ensure the prices are correct.

We may update the prices for Treatment now and then, but this doesn’t affect the Treatment Requests already made in the system. There is a large number of Treatments available on our Website. Some Treatments may have incorrect price tags, even though we try our best not to do so. If we have listed a higher price for any Treatment on our Website, we will only charge the actual, lower cost. But if you could detect the pricing error as it is unmistakable and conspicuous, we don’t offer the same treatment at a lower price.

If we have listed the product’s price lower than its actual price, you must confirm when you receive the instruction. Only then would we process your request.  We will send you an email or use other ways to notify this error. You could then continue the Treatment Request or cancel it and choose another place.  

Change of Products & Information

SuperMeds maintains the right to modify the Product availability on the Website and to delete things before a Treatment Request is registered because it is not delivering any Products. We always try to keep our Website updated and the information accurate, including the description of different Products. But we don’t provide a guarantee, warranty, or representation that our website’s content is always complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

The Product photos on our Website are meant to serve as examples. Products may differ from the pictures they appear in on our Website, and we are not responsible if you believe that these are accurate images of the Products. The packaging for the Products could occasionally be different from what is depicted in pictures on our Website.

All of the Products displayed on our Website are constantly based on what the Pharmacy offers. Requests for a specific Product brand are not possible.


Only British pounds are used to express Treatment costs. Debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay are all acceptable forms of payment. You are liable for providing your accurate payment information. If your payment information has become invalid or has expired, we retain the right to refuse to provide you with Products or Services. In such circumstances, we will try to get in touch with you so you can give us new information.

Since payments are made on a ‘continuous authority’ basis, additional charges or refunds may be made to your payment card as needed.

We will verify your name, address, and other personal information provided during the order process against the relevant third-party databases to ensure your preferred payment method is not being used without your permission. You give your consent to conduct such checks by accepting these Terms. Your submitted personal information may be shared with a registered credit reference agency as part of these checks, and that agency may save your information for record-keeping. We do this to verify your identity. Your credit rating won’t be impacted because a credit check isn’t done. All legal and current data protection laws will handle your information securely and carefully.

By providing invoice and payment information, you attest that you have the right to use it. You also give us or our payment service provider permission to collect payment in full for the items listed in your Treatment Request, any delivery fees incurred, and any other fees due to us due to these terms and conditions.

Delivery Arrangements

When orders are received, paid for, and authorized by a doctor, the relevant pharmacy will dispatch them as quickly as feasible (for medicinal products). Any delivery timelines given are approximations based on inventory and typical delivery times. Please be aware that some Products cannot be delivered to specific locations; this information will be provided on the Website. SuperMeds does not offer any services outside of the United Kingdom due to FDA laws.

By utilizing our Service, you consent to enter into a contract with the Carrier of your choosing (if any). The pharmacy will provide every product in the country where the Pharmacy is located. All Products are shipped at the customer’s expense and risk. Suppose the customer violates the rules and importation laws enforced by the government of the country of destination. In that case, the customer holds SuperMeds (as well as the Doctors and Pharmacies) harmless from any legal action that may be made against the customer. All customs, taxes, and levies in your nation are your responsibility. You certify that all Products are only intended for personal use.

By executing this document, you appoint the Carrier to convey the Products from the Pharmacy’s registered office as your agent and substitute. The Pharmacy will be regarded to have fulfilled its duties under its agreement(s) upon delivery to the Carrier, at which point all risk and title in the Products will transfer to you.

Please be aware that we cannot provide a replacement or refund if the courier has provided a GPS position or a photo proving successful delivery.

Right of Withdrawal

You have a legal right to revoke a contract you signed with SuperMeds in 14 days without providing a reason. After 14 days from the day, you obtained physical possession of the requested drug or the day a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you obtains it, the withdrawal period will end.

If you have a legal right to cancel the services or goods you’ve received, we’ll refund all money you’ve paid, including any shipping fees. This does not include any additional supplementary costs in case you choose another delivery option we offer. If the damage is the consequence of unnecessarily handling the given items by you, we may subtract the loss from the reimbursement. We’ll process the compensation as soon as possible and no later than:

  1. 14 days following the day we receive any pharmacy-supplied items back from you; or
  2. 14 days following the day you give proof that you have returned the products (if earlier); or
  3. 14 days from the day we are informed of your desire to cancel this contract if no goods were supplied.

Unless you have expressly agreed differently, we will repay you using the same payment method you used for the initial transaction; in any case, there will be no fees associated with the reimbursement.

Without regard to the fact that they were sold and supplied by an independent pharmacy, you must return the items to us without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 days from the day you inform us that you are cancelling this contract. If you return the items before the 14-day, the deadline has been met. You will be liable to pay all the direct costs of returning the items. Only handling that is required to determine the nature, qualities, and functionality of the things will result in your liability for any decreased value of the goods.

To exercise your right to withdraw from the agreement, please give us a clear statement (by email) notifying us of your desire to do so within the withdrawal period. The sample text below can be used for such a notification, although it is not required.

‘I hereby notify you that I am cancelling the agreement between you and me about (the setting up of) the doctor’s consultation.

  1. Name consumer:
  2. Address consumer:
  3. Order number:
  4. I know that if the service has already been rendered in total, I can no longer exercise my right to cancel. SuperMeds will use the date the statement of withdrawal was received as the determining factor.’


Services like SuperMeds and doctor consultations immediately provided with your consent are not covered by the right of withdrawal. You expressly agree to the immediate SuperMeds performance of the services and the immediate doctor consultation by placing and paying for an order. As soon as SuperMeds and the doctor have finished providing the service, you waive your legal right to a reflection period and a right of cancellation. Your doctor prescribes any medication based on your unique needs and (medical) circumstances. Therefore, the right of withdrawal does not apply to this prescription.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to medication delivered sealed but cannot be returned due to hygienic or health protection concerns.

Yellow Card

Only in cases where the medication is faulty (of unacceptable quality) or fake should the Yellow Card Scheme be employed.


The content of the Website is only meant to be a source of general knowledge; it is not meant to replace medical advice or serve as a source of diagnostic or therapeutic counsel. No warranties can be made regarding the efficacy of the products, the text in the patient information provided by the product manufacturers, descriptions of treatment methods, information texts, or other reports on the website. SuperMeds (as well as the Doctors and Pharmacies) is not liable in this regard. We don’t offer medical or legal advice, nor do we offer diagnostic or medical services. You do so entirely at your own risk if you rely on any content you acquire from the Website or through it.

SuperMeds (with the Doctors and Pharmacies) disclaims any responsibility for the right use of the Products or the accuracy of the diagnosis, treatment, or prescription provided. We shall only be answerable to you for the amount up to the cost of our services if we violate these Terms and Conditions while providing our Services to you.

SuperMeds and any Third Parties Associated with us Hereby Expressly Exclude, to the Fullest Extent Permissible by Law:

  • All additional terms and conditions that would otherwise be imposed by statute or regulation;
  • Any responsibility for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, incurred by any user in connection with our website or with the use of, inability to use, or results of using our Website, Services, websites linked to it, or content posted on it. This comprises of, but is not limited to, any obligation for:
    1. A decrease in sales;
    2. A reduction in income or revenue;
    3. A decline in profits or contracts;
    4. A drop in expected savings;
    5. A loss of data;
    6. A decrease in goodwill;
    7. Lost office or management time; and
    8. For any loss or damage of any sort, regardless of how it occurred, whether it was brought on by a tort (including negligence), a contract violation, or something else, even if it was foreseen.

By using this website, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and that the responsibility for such use rests with you. You are in charge of adopting any safety precautions you deem advisable or necessary to guard against harm, loss, or danger that might result from your use of this Website. You consent to defend, indemnify, and hold us (along with the Doctors and Pharmacies) harmless from and against any losses, expenses, costs, or damages, including reasonable legal counsel fees, expert fees, and other reasonable litigation costs, resulting from, incurred as a result of, or in any way connected to:

  1. your violation of the Terms and Conditions;
  2. your improper or illegal use of the Website;
  3. Any false statements you have made in connection with using the Website;
  4. any other person using your Password to access the Website in an unauthorized or unlawful manner; and
  5. Claims based on or relating to your use of the Website, including the information you have gained through the Website, that has been made by parties other than those who have signed this Agreement.

Response to Complaints

Do you have any complaints about the Products supplied to you or the Service? Feel free to contact SuperMeds Customer Service by visiting: Contact Us.

SuperMeds Aims to:
  1. Acknowledge Customer complaints at earliest convenience;
  2. Inform you about the time required to resolve the complaint;
  3. And keep you well updated about the status of your complaint throughout the process.

Trademarks & Copyrights

At SuperMeds, all Content from graphics, images, text, audio clips, and digital downloads to software belongs to SuperMeds and our content suppliers. Therefore, it is secure under international copyright laws. Moreover, the Content on the Website, such as software or codes, cannot be copied, uploaded, modified, amended, revised, replicated, republished, posted, sold or displayed publically nor exploited for commercial purposes without the permission of the Company.

Nobody is authorized to change the downloaded or printed Content in any way, and it must include all copyright or proprietary rights notifications that were earlier part of it. The framing of the Website is not allowed and is strictly prohibited. Illicit and unauthorized use of the Website Content will be considered copyright infringement. This violation subjects you to civil or criminal penalties under local and international copyright rules and laws.

Viruses, Hacking & Other Violations

You are not authorized to misuse our Website by introducing malicious or technologically harmful material such as Trojans, viruses, worms and more. You are not allowed to gain unauthorized access to the Website or its connected server, database or computer. You will be subject to a criminal offence if you attempt to breach this clause. We are authorized to report such issues to law enforcement authorities and keep the right to disclose your identity before them. Additionally, in case of such a criminal offence from you, we will cease your privilege of using the Website instantly.

Our Company will not be responsible for the damage or loss due to viruses or denial of service attacks. Suppose any technologically harmful material infects your device, computer software, data, or programs after using our Website or downloading any material from it or any linked website. In that case, we will not be accountable for it.

Our Children Policy

Adolescents and children under 18 are not allowed to use this Website.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws will be implemented on this agreement, and you hereby accept to add to the jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates. However, the UK Law will be applied to payment services.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement covers all Terms & Conditions and is a complete agreement between you and us related to the subject matter of this document and replaces other spoken or written communications. Our right to change this Agreement anytime without any earlier notice is reserved. We undertake to post all the modified forms of the Agreement on our Website, and such revised papers shall be implemented as soon as they are posted. It is your responsibility to keep yourself well-updated about the most recent form of this Agreement by reading it before using the Website to ensure that you agree with all its revised terms and conditions. You admitted that these criteria for notices of modifications in this Agreement are sensible and reasonable. Your use of the Website after receiving the news of alterations in this Agreement will consider your agreement to be bound by the amended form.


If you breach these Terms and conditions, your right to use and access our Website will be terminated without any notice. We keep the right to terminate this Agreement or some of its parts and your freedom to use and access this Website with/without any reason at any time.

Third parties, intermediaries, or any agents that SuperMeds uses to carry out its commitments, equally stipulated all rights specified for the benefit of SuperMeds under these Terms & Conditions.

Assignment & Waiver

SuperMeds has the right to assign this Agreement in its entirety or in parts. You must get permission from SuperMeds before posting your rights under the current Agreement. You agree that this is based on your unique medical needs as described in the Medical Questionnaire, and you certify that you will not sell or dispense the Products to third parties. Any attempts to assign your rights in this Agreement will be void without our permission. SuperMeds waiver of a violation of any provision of the Agreement shall not work or be interpreted as a waiver of any additional breach of the same or any other provision.


In the case, any provision or part of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction. This provision shall be maintained to the permissible extent to affect the parties’ intentions. The rest of this Agreement shall be considered valid and severable as such unenforceable provision was not its part.


Apart from the commitment to pay monies, neither you nor SuperMeds will be responsible for any delay or failure in the implementation of this Agreement as a whole directly or indirectly due to any reasons or circumstances beyond control, such as Acts of God but not limited to it.

Paragraph Headings

Paragraph headings on our Website are used only for assistance. Therefore, they shall not be considered part of the Agreement nor taken as modifying, altering or changing the terms and conditions.