All Things You Should Know About Pregabalin Doses

Pregabalin is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and epilepsy. It is also sometimes used to treat nerve pain. This condition is a result of various factors, such as an injury, shingles, and diabetes. Before you know about Pregabalin doses, it is important to know how Pregabalin works. There are different ways in which Pregabalin works. These include:

  • Stopping seizures or fits in epilepsy by reducing the abnormal activity of electrical signals in the brain
  • Helping with nerve pain by blocking the pain when it affects the pain messages traveling from the spine through the brain
  • Copes with anxiety by stopping the brain from releasing anxiety-causing chemicals

You can get Pregabalin in tablets, capsules, and liquid form that you must swallow through the mouth.

All About Pregabalin Doses And Taking It

Always follow the doctor’s instructions when taking Pregabalin or any other medicine. 


The normal prescribed dose of Pregabalin is between 150mg and 600mg per day, to be taken by dividing it into 2 or 3 separate doses.

When taking Pregabalin in liquid form, remember that taking 2.5ml of liquid is equal to taking a single 50mg capsule. But always read the label carefully for the correct measurements. 

The Right Way To Take It

It is both safe to take Pregabalin with food or on an empty stomach, but try to follow the same routine every day. You should have equal spaces between doses throughout the day.

Take a glass of water or juice and swallow the Pregabalin tablets whole, without chewing or breaking them. 

When taking liquid Pregabalin, you will have a spoon or syringe to measure the liquid exactly. Never use a kitchen spoon to make the measurements as it will get it wrong. If your medicine doesn’t include one, then get it from your pharmacist. 

Duration Of Treatment Of Pregabalin

For epilepsy, you may need to use Pregabalin for many years to keep the condition under control.

For anxiety and nerve pain, it is recommended to take Pregabalin for several months after your symptoms go away so they don’t make a comeback.

Changing The Dose

During the initial days of treatment, the doctor prescribes a lower dose to prevent side effects. They increase the Pregabalin doses gradually over the next few days. 

When you reach the point of using the suitable dose, the dose is kept the same for the duration of treatment. 

Taking An Overdose

You may experience unpleasant side effects if you exceed the doses. 

You should get medical help if you take Pregabalin more than your doctor prescribed. 

The common effects of taking Pregabalin more than prescribed are:

  • Feeling agitation and confusion
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Passing out
  • Having a seizure or fit

In case of an overdose of Pregabalin, do not drive to the hospital yourself. Rather, let someone else drive or call an ambulance. 

Buying Pregabalin

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