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How it works

With the professional services of SuperMeds, you no longer need to wait for GP appointments or make trips to the pharmacy. You conveniently get the same genuine medicine without the need to step out of the doors.

Choosing the Right Medicines

The first step to getting healed is choosing the right medicine to fulfill your medical needs. There are many treatments for different diseases and infections available at SuperMeds.  Before you complete our consultation online, it is a good idea to find out all that is available about these treatments. 

  • The Best Treatments:

We provide authentic treatment options with our consultations reviewed by EEA-registered doctors.

  • Medicine Availability: 

We have an extensive range of medicines. So you can get your desired treatment safely and quickly.

  • No Undeclared Charges:

When using the service of SuperMeds, you do not need to worry about any hidden costs. The price we have listed is the same as what you will have to pay. There are no further costs added to the final total when checking out.

How it works

Expert Consultation

The next crucial step is to get online consultation and it safeguards our practices. We need to know all necessary and important things about your medical history and the present symptoms and needs. It may take about 72 hours for the consultation to get approved by the prescriber. But when it gets approved, the medicine is dispatched and ready to be shipped.

  • Fast and Easy:

You can complete our online consultation quickly by completing a questionnaire. This questionnaire is intended to know what a GP is most likely to ask you during an appointment. These include your medical history, the medical problem, and for which condition you are looking for possible treatment.

  • Expert Doctors:

Your consultation is then sent to a doctor to review. When the doctor gives their decision, you are notified about that.

  • On-time Communication:

We at SuperMeds always stay in contact with the customers. When a doctor reviews your consultation, we tell you about their decision. If your medicines are approved, a pharmacy receives your prescription. If the doctor refuses the medication, you will be told the reason for this so that you can take further medical advice from a GP.

How it works

Timely Order Delivery

When a prescriber approves your order, we send the prescription to a partner pharmacy. Then the delivery process starts and we intimate you about when you will get the medicines. 

  • Fast and Efficient Delivery. 

We have a group of pharmacies that contact you when they receive your prescription for delivery. They deliver original and authentic medicines in the shortest possible time.

  • Privacy:

We do not display our logo or the contents of the packet on the top of the packaging. The medicines are packed privately and discretely and give no clue about the patient or the medication.

  • Rate us:

After receiving the SuperMeds services, we will wait to hear your thoughts. Feel free to review us on different social media platforms. 

How it works