Strep throat is caused by bacteria named group A streptococcus, an infection of the tonsils and throat. There are many antibiotics that are used to treat this infection and prevent many bacterial infections. The main symptoms of strep throat are fever, spots on the palate, pain in the throat, swollen glands, and pain with swallowing. It is very common in children, and adolescents and it spread through the droplets of an infected person when he coughs, sneezes, or even talks. If you get the symptoms of strep throat then visit your doctor as soon as possible and follow the instructions. 

How Long Does It Last?

Strep throat is a bacterial infection and it lasts for almost 3 to 7 days without antibacterials if it is in the initial stage and your immune system is perfectly alright. If it is not treated with antibiotics it can cause severity and complications like rheumatoid fever, renal insufficiency, and skin rashes, these problems can also lead to heart failure. If proper medication is not provided to the patient it may be contiguous and last for weeks. As bacteria become stronger and they can cause serious infections.

You can also treat strep throat with home remedies like gargles with salt water and raw honey is also a good option as it improves the symptoms of strep throat. If you start taking antibiotics within 48 hours with the consultation of your doctor it gives you the best results and provides you with a speedy recovery. As it is a bacterial infection, so treat it with antibacterials but it is not necessary to always take it. It is caused by bacteria and viruses but the main cause of strep throat is bacteria. It is very common in children but adults are also victims of strep throat.

Treatment With or Without Antibiotics

The test that is recommended by the doctors is known as throat culture and if the test is positive and you have these symptoms (swollen tonsils, vomiting, body aches, nausea, and fever.) your doctor will recommend you the antibiotics that are used to provide a cure. Strep throat lasts for one week with or without antibacterials. Home treatments are also effective in treating this without antibacterials.

The major home remedies are warm liquids(tea, soup, coffee), lozenges (do not give small pieces to children), soft food(yoghurt, custard those that are easy to swallow), hard candies, lozenges, gargling(warm water in addition with salt), and nasal sprays(moisture helps to make your throat feel better) as these treatments are also helpful in the prevention of strep throat. But it is a bacterial infection if you treat it with antibacterials it provides better results and makes your health better by killing bacteria.

As antibacterials kill bacteria and make it difficult for the bacteria to multiply, stop their growth, and prevent complications. The major antibacterials that are recommended by doctors are Penicillin andamoxicillin they are the top choices as they are inexpensive, safe, and work best. As these antibacterials cause allergies in kids and some adults, so for those patients, the options are: 

  • Clindamycin (Cleocin)
  • Clarithromycin (Biaxin)
  • Cephalosporins
  • Azithromycin

These are oral drugs and there different dosage forms are available depending upon the condition you can take antibiotics three times a day by the prescription of the physician. The treatment with antibacterials usually lasts for ten days and you will feel better after three to four days but for a proper cure must complete the full course. If you do not take the medications properly or in the early stages it can get worsen and the growth of bacteria becomes persistent. Every antibiotic has some side effects if you continuously use it but they are not that dangerous. The common side effects are: 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach disturbances
  • Appetite loss

These side effects are mild and they last for some days but if they get persistent then consult your doctor about it. Some people also get allergies while taking antibacterials the symptoms of allergy are rashes, dizziness, breathing issues, and wheezing.


Strep throat is caused by group A streptococcus bacteria, which causes infection in the throat. It mainly lasts for 3 to 7 days and to treat it there are two ways with or without antibiotics. You can treat it with home remedies and feels better but if home treatments are not working properly then consult your doctor about it and take antibacterials that kill bacteria and stops the growth.  You can antibiotics online from Super Meds online but before you take antibacterials, follow the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist to get the best results.