If you are facing symptoms of insomnia, you must visit a doctor. The doctor may prescribe you a Zopiclone. It is very commonly prescribed for treating insomnia in the UK. Do many people have queries about the use of Zopiclone including where can I buy Zopiclone? Am I eligible to use Zopiclone? Read through the document to find out more about Zopiclone and its use.

What Is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is a hypnotic drug. It is prescribed for the short treatment of insomnia. It is usually prescribed for a duration of 4 weeks only. Hence, it is always used for the management of insomnia, and it should never be the permanent solution to insomnia. Zopiclone belongs to the non-benzodiazepine category of hypnotics. It acts on the Central Nervous System of an individual and enhances the inhibitory action of GABA neurotransmitters in the brain. Thus, it causes sedation and induces sleep. The drug reduces the latency to sleep onset and helps the user to easily fall asleep at night. It also reduces the frequency of awakenings at night and promotes deep sleep. The person wakes up fresh and energized for the day’s functions and activities. Read through the article to find the answer to where can I buy Zopiclone?

How To Use Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is available in the form of tablets and is supposed to be swallowed with water. Any other drink is not preferred. The use of alcoholic or caffeinated drinks is strictly prohibited. There are a few facts to be considered about the safe and effective use of Zopiclone. 

  • The right dose for you is prescribed by your doctor, consult your doctor for your dose calculations.
  • Take one tablet of the prescribed dose at night before you lie down to sleep. Take no more than one tablet per day. 
  • The therapy is continued for only 4 weeks. Long-term use of Zopiclone is discouraged owing to its addictive potential. Chronic use causes addiction and leads to withdrawal symptoms. 
  • The discontinuation of this drug at the end of therapy is supposed to be gradual. Taper off the dose by decreasing its concentration for minimal side effects. 
  • You may feel episodes of sleepless nights after discontinuing Zopiclone. This is called rebound insomnia. To prevent this from happening, follow the tapering-down pattern of your drug.

Follow the mentioned guidelines for the safe use of Zopiclone. Generally, the drug is quite safe and effective to use. But side-effects follow up the irrational use of the drug. 

Where Can I Buy Zopiclone?

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How Can I Buy Zopiclone?

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