Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg Tablets In UK: Overview

Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience and people losing interest in it is not only frustrating for them but also their partners. It is crucial that you acknowledge these issues and address them in a timely manner. Several factors could be leading to the loss of sex drive. This blog covers the major reasons for low sex drive and offers a promising solution of using Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg tablets in UK.

Causes Of Low Sexual Passion & Use Of Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg Tablets In UK

Before mentioning the different reasons why you could be facing diminished sexual passion, you must acknowledge that these changes are quite normal. Factors contributing to low sex drive includes:

  1. Psychological factors such as anxiety and depression play a major role in causing low sex drive. If you are mentally upset or not focused and you can lose interest in sex which leads to poor performance and troubles with orgasm. The person starts avoiding sex and hence face decreased libido.
  2. Low hormonal levels also lead to reduced sex drive especially in women after menopause.
  3. Use of antidepressants, some anti-hypertensive drugs and contraceptive pills may cause you to lose interest in sex. Talk to your doctor for professional guidance.
  4. Sometimes your lifestyle is also affecting your sexual health and can cause low libido.
  5. The presence of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction is also one reason.

Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg Tablets In UK & Other Options For Improved Libido

Let’s talk about how you can improve your sexual passion. First diagnose your reason of low sex drive and then talk to a doctor for better analysis of your case. We recommend you the following strategies to boost your performance in bed:

  1. You should try communicating your concerns and issues with your partner and agree on common grounds to reach a conclusion.
  2. Consider visiting a sex therapist for better guidance.
  3. Visit a doctor to get yourself diagnosed properly in case it is a sexual dysfunction. Medical intervention is a necessity in this case such as the use of Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg tablets in UK is commonly recommended.
  4. Bring positive and healthy changes to your lifestyle and eating habits which improve your sexual health which boost up your sexual performance.
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How to Use Sildenafil Citrate?

Sexual disorders are quite common and are easily treatable given that you act timely. Sildenafil Citrate, also commonly called Viagra, is a medication for treating erectile dysfunction. The medicine improves blood flow towards penis aiding in successful erections for longer durations. You can buy Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg tablets in UK online from Super Meds. Some general guidelines for using Sildenafil are:

  1. Take the tablet 30 minutes prior to your anticipated sexual activity. It acts rapidly to produce erections when a person is aroused.
  2. You must not administer more than one tablet a day. Excessive use of this medicine causes priapism.
  3. If you are using any anti-hypertensive medication, you might want to consult your doctor about using Sildenafil as there are some drug interactions involved.

Risks Of Using Sildenafil

No medicine comes without side-effects. Similar is the case with Sildenafil Citrate. There are certain conditions where the use of this drug is not suitable and may lead to side-effects.

  1. Excessive use of this drug in attempts to prolong erections leads to priapism which causes painful and prolonged erections.
  2. Patients of cardiovascular diseases must be extremely cautious about using Sildenafil.
  3. There have been some rare cases of color loss in vision and sudden hearing loss.
  4. Indigestion, flushing, and headaches may occur commonly with Sildenafil.

It is always better to consult a doctor before buying Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg tablets in UK to eliminate chances of side-effects.