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Editorial Policy

This section outlines our policy about publishing editorial content on our website.

At SuperMeds, the content provides information in a very clear and easy-to-understand format and is accessible for both the general public and health care professionals in order to promote healthy living standards, educate readers, and offer trustworthy and reliable resources.

Our editorial content covers a variety of health issues, ailments, medicines, and infections-related information. Moreover, general health questions are also addressed in our editorial content but this information cannot be considered the replacement for a medical health professional’s guidelines. We motivate the general public to still seek a medical expert’s advice regarding any medication other than just relying on the editorial content.

Sources Information

The content at SuperMeds contains reliable and accurate information which the general public can easily access and understand. In a bid to ensure the reliability and credibility of the given information, well-reputed and reliable organizations and health services are sourced that contain, but are not limited to, the following instances:

  • The British National Formulary (BNF)
  • The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)
  • The NHS (National Health Service) Website
  • The leaflet contains patient information, created by the medicines’ manufacturers, and is similar to the Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC) published format.

We Credit Sources!

When we cite data, quotes, and clinical research works from external sources, it is our policy to credit the source to make it clear that this information belongs to some authentic source and is not just based on our assumptions.

In order to make the source information clear, name of the concerned website, organization, individual, or even the link to the original source is provided. Sometimes, a reference to the publication or research is also added to the content.

We also Perform Our Own Research!

When it comes to research studies, crediting the sources of information is SuperMeds policy still most of our editorial content is based on our own research.

To accomplish the task, we rely on credible information sources and websites and compile the content in a format that people can easily understand even those who don’t have any prior medical knowledge. Our next goal is to present the information in a balanced and educational way that promotes a healthy lifestyle in the persons who read our content.

In the healthcare realm, some information is known whereas other facts are hypothesized, assumed, believed, or simply unknown. SuperMeds will clarify the information that will not be scientifically proven.

We Highly Focus on Content Production!

SuperMeds is committed to providing easy-to-understand information and we do not compromise on the accuracy of the content. All the content available on the SuperMeds website is published after thorough research from credible sources and websites. Once our content writers put together the content, then our content marketing manager proofread, edits, and reviews the content, before publishing, to adjust it according to brand guidelines.

We prioritize the use of appropriate imagery in our content that is obtained from a third-party provider. Royalty-free images are used and we follow all copyright laws.

SuperMeds ensures that all the content’s information is well-researched, accurate, and supposed to be relevant to our audience’s interest at the time of publishing. Our aim is the provision of evergreen content though references may become out-of-date with time medical information of the content presented on the page or article remains reliable for a long.

In today’s ever-changing world, whenever new medical information will be revealed or dosage guidelines will be changed, we will update our historical content by keeping all these changes in view to ensure reliability and relevance. Another good thing about SuperMeds is that we review our content periodically and keep updating the content where required.

We Ensure Impartiality!

SuperMeds aims to provide clear, concise, and accurate information about several ailments and drugs. We normally list the commonly prescribed medicines. People generally seek to understand the answers to the queries such as how a particular medicine works and how it is different from other medicine. In order to provide answers to all those queries, we compare effectiveness, therapeutic benefit, and tolerance factors.

It is not our policy to endorse any particular medicine, product, or brand over another. We have listed the brands here only for educational purposes and readers are advised to take any medicine after consulting with a health professional.

We Promote our Services!

SuperMeds is established to facilitate the members of the general public to find information regarding any particular drug and request relevant medication where needed.

We are a private prescription service and we promote what we offer through our content in addition to offering information about external services and organizations.

Medical Terminology

SuperMeds aims to make medical information available for non-medical experts so we create content that will be easy to read, understandable, digestible, reliable, and educational as well as increases the knowledge of readers and promote healthy living standards.

With the purpose to enhance the knowledge of the readers, medical terminology or jargon is also occasionally used in the editorial content. Plain or simple English is used to describe the medical terms to make the content comprehendible for readers as their base level of knowledge cannot be predicted.

Our Privacy Policy

The main motive of the content, available at the SuperMeds website, is to enhance the exposure of the members of the public and provision of information regarding medicines, medical issues, and other important health-related topics. Our website does not serve as an anecdotal or personal account forum nor is personal information added to our editorial content.

It is SuperMeds policy to keep the details of private correspondence confidential. We do not reveal the minutes of discussions between us and organizations or individuals and respect their privacy. To get full information regarding our privacy policy, you can visit the relevant section.

We Carefully Deal with Sensitive Issues!

Most of the readers come online to learn about sensitive issues due to the platform’s anonymity. That is why extra care is taken in the formulation of content that is believed to be of sensitive or sexual nature. We are highly dedicated to handling such sensitive issues that needed to be managed with care and insight. We also support readers to discuss everything honestly with their health professionals where required.

We Discourage Offensive Content!

A wide array of topics is covered in the editorial content published on the SuperMeds website. These topics contain material of sensitive or intimate nature. However, we just provide information and advice where needed on these topics but do not present offensive content.

We do extra care while selecting images relevant to the written content that may contain diagrams to educate the readers. However, we strongly discourage the use of imagery that can cause offense.

We Welcome Feedback & Complaints!

We strongly believe that our content is designed to educate readers, spark their interest level and enhance their information about the field so we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to let us know if you have any queries, you think any of our information is accurate or anything else you want to discuss with us.