Important Information Regarding Co codamol 30/500mg Dose

Co-codamol is a composition of 2 different pain relievers – paracetamol and codeine. It’s used to medicate aches and pains as well as muscular pain, toothache, migraines and headaches.

It can help to take co-codamolif regular pain relievers, such as aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol, have not worked.

This medicine comes in tablets and capsules.

For children less than 16 years of age, it is recommended to read the information on co-codamol for children.

Facts  About Co codamol 30/500mg Dose

  • Co-codamol tablets and capsules are available in 3 strengths. Anyone can buy the lowest strengths of co-codamol over-the-counter from pharmacies but the higher strengths are only available on the prescription of the GP.
  • The most common after-effects of co-codamol are constipation and feeling sick (nausea) or sleepy.
  • Do not take too much co-codamol it can cause serious health issues. Do not be allured to multiply the dose or take a twofold dose if the pain is severe.
  • It is most likely to become dependent on the codeine in co-codamol, but the doctor will elaborate on how to decrease the chances of becoming dependent.
  • If anyone needs to use co-codamol for a few weeks extra, the therapy plan must incorporate details of how and when to quitting the medicine.

Who Are Not Allowed To Take Cocodamol

Adults and children of 12 years or above are allowed to take co-codamol. Anyhow, it is only suggested for under-18s if other pain relievers have stopped working.

Co-codamol is not advisable for some people. Consult the doctor before starting the medicine if you:

  • are trying to get pregnant, are already pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • have a head injury
  • have a condition that causes fits or seizures
  • have liver problems – you may need to take a lower dose
  • are under 18 years old and have had their tonsils or adenoids removed because of a sleep problem called obstructive sleep apnoea
  • regularly drink more than the maximum recommended amount of alcohol (14 units a week)
  • have adrenal gland problems
  • have lung problems or breathing difficulties

Information On Strengths Of  Cocodamol

  • There are 3 different strengths of Co-codamol tablets and capsules. 
  • It consists of 8mg, 15mg or 30mg of codeine.
  • All these 3 strengths are composed of 500mg of paracetamol – it is the same as in the standard paracetamol tablet or capsule.
  • The strength of co-codamol comes out as 2 numbers on the packet, i.e.,8/500 which shows each tablet or capsule is made up of 8mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol.
  • The patients can buy the lowest strength of co-codamol (8/500) without any prescription means they can get it over the counter through a pharmacy. The highest strengths (15/500 and 30/500) can only be available on the prescription from the doctor.

What About The Quantity Of Cocodamol To Be Taken

Adults and children of 16 years and above are allowed to take 1 or 2 tablets of any strength after every 6 hours for 24 hours. Always leave at least 4 doses. The maximum dose is 8 co-codamol tablets in 24 hours.

It is mandatory to give a gap between doses of co-codamol. 

When To Take Cocodamol 30/500mg 

It is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice that how and when to take co codamol 30/500mg dose because co-codamol can be addictive.

If you are taking Co-codamol in the form of tablets or capsules. Swallow them whole with a glass of water.

It is also available in the form of Effervescent tablets which are soluble tablets that dissolve in water to make a drink.

There is no harm in taking co-codamol with or without food.