Zopisign is sold under zopiclone GH with zopiclone as a key ingredient. This medication is specially designed to treat insomnia or sleeplessness. It helps people fight their sleep problems and reduces the number of awakenings at night. It helps regulate the sleep cycle by providing a good night’s sleep.  People with insomnia are often at risk of getting depression and anxiety.  Zopisign treats sleeplessness as well as anxiety because both of the problems go hand in hand. Zopiclone is just a short-term treatment for insomnia that can not be taken for seven consecutive days or more than 2-3 weeks. Many patients assume Zopiclone because of its fantastic results. You can also buy Zopisign online from a UK-based, Super Meds.

How To Take Zopisign?

All medications should be taken only on the recommendation of a healthcare expert. Otherwise, they can be harmful. If you are an insomniac patient and want to try Zopisign, visit your nearby clinic to seek a doctor’s advice. People usually follow the leaflet in the medication box and take medicine. But this is not the right way to any treatment. The doctor will advise you according to your health condition. After that, you can buy Zopisign online to treat your problem.

If you get a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours, do not take Zopisign, as there’s no need in this case.  The prescribed dose for adults is 1 tablet which should be taken at the exact time every day. Do not change your medicine time. Take it at night time to enjoy a sound sleep. Only half of the tablet is advised for people above 65. If you are a kidney patient or have a damaged liver, then the recommended dose is half of the tablet before bed.


There are some conditions under which you must have to visit your doctor before starting Zopisign:

  • If you are conceiving a child or planning to conceive
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother
  • If you are already taking any medication
  • If you have a surgery
  • If you are admitted to a hospital

How Long Should You Take Zopisign?

This is a short-term treatment for sleeplessness but take it as long as your doctor advises you to take it. If you are taking this drug, keep checking the changes in your body as the reaction to this medication.

Avoid doing the following things while taking this medication:

  • Do not share your medicine with anyone, even if he has the same symptoms as you have.
  • Do not take more doses than the recommended dose.
  • Avoid alcohol.

Does Zopisign Cause Addiction?

If you do not follow the instructions, then it may cause addiction. Do not take it for more than four weeks consecutively. If you are already an alcohol addict, the chances of getting zopisign’s obsession would be higher. So tell your doctor about all your drinking habits.

Can You Overdose On Zopiclone?

Usually, it is not right to take an overdose. It can worsen the situation and make you more tired than needed. If you take an overdose, check your body condition and seek help from your nearby doctor if required. It will make you less focused, and you will not be able to do any work. You also can not operate machinery if you have a double dose of zopiclone. 

What Happens To Your Body If You Take Too Much Zopiclone?

  • Your body starts feeling lazy and sleepy if you take too much of Zopisign. You will not be able to do anything as you will feel unconscious. 
  • You will feel sluggish and less energetic all day.
  • Excessive sweating, blurred vision, and pale face.
  • Death can also occur in some extreme conditions.
  •  The person may be unable to walk if he has taken too much zopiclone. 
  • Ataxia, the ability to not control the muscles, is also one of the signs of an overdose.
  • Sometimes the symptoms are the same as those of someone drunk enough and lost all the senses.
  • Uncontrollable movement of limbs can also occur due to the zopiclone overdose.
  • The body temperature can also fluctuate.
  • Hallucination and mood swings.
  • The respiratory system can also get damaged, or the person can face a heart problem.
  • The victim should be taken to the hospital immediately.


The excess of everything is terrible. The same applies to zopiclone(Zopisign) if taken in large quantities. It treats insomnia but should not be taken more than required as it can be risky. If you are facing sleep issues, you can take it after your doctor’s approval. You can buy Zopisign online from Super Meds in the UK and enjoy a sound sleep.