Most of us frequently experience an unpleasant sensation of pain after tissue damage or injury. At that time your doctor may have suggested you take a pain reliever such as co-codamol to relieve the discomfort caused by chronic pain. It may not be surprising for you that co-codamol is a combination of two analgesic drugs: codeine and paracetamol. Do you ever ponder why this combination drug is prescribed to treat chronic pain? This is because the combination of two power painkillers enhances the pain-relieving effects of co-codamol therefore it is suggested to treat such pains and aches where paracetamol or ibuprofen cannot provide relief alone. Thus, it is important to be fully acquainted with the knowledge before proceeding further to Buy Co Codamol 30/500 Online.

Things to Know Before Buy Co Codamol 30/500 Online

As the name suggests, co-codamol is a combination of two different medicines formulated with the intention to treat pain. Both codeine and paracetamol have analgesic properties to relieve pain. The strength of codeine is 30mg in Co-codamol 30/500 tablet or capsule form while paracetamol strength is 500mg. There are also some other ingredients present in this medicine so you should carefully read all ingredients before taking this medicine. This is because if you are allergic to codeine or any of its ingredients then you must not take it to avoid allergic reactions. Codeine is an opioid-class drug called a pain reliever and is generally suggested for cough relief. However, opioid-class medicines have the risk of addiction and withdrawal symptoms so expert suggestions are necessary before starting the dose.

Paracetamol acts as a pain reliever and fever-reducing agent and works on the brain to block the production of prostaglandins. These are chemical substances in the human body that alert the CNS about pain and injury in the body. Paracetamol diminishes the effects of prostaglandins. Meanwhile, codeine acts directly on opioid receptors in the CNS by reducing the feeling of pain. It does this by interrupting the way nerve signals share the feeling of pain between the body and brain. The mixture of these two powerful sleep medications is effective to treat such painful events when other medicines do not provide comfort. Healthcare professionals generally prescribe co-codamol to cure discomfort that occurs due to headaches, arthritis, sore muscles, migraines, or toothache.

Buy Co Codamol 30/500 Online

Is It Safe for Everyone?

No, in certain medical health issues, this medicine may not prove effective but you can ask your doctor whether it is suitable to start this medicine for you or not. You must avoid this strong painkiller in case:

  • You are allergic to it or any of its active or inactive substances
  • You have kidney, liver, lung, or asthma issues
  • You are an alcoholic, have a head injury, or suffering from respiratory depression

Whatever your medical condition is, discuss your complete medical history with your doctor to make this medication safe for you. As this medicine can cause interaction so also keep your doctor aware of the medicines you take in routine. In this way, you can make this drug safe for you.

Concluding Suggestions

Co-codamol is a highly effective medicine to treat pain therefore individuals prefer to use this approved medication. You can Buy Co Codamol 30/500 Online easily and conveniently from reliable online pharmacies such as SuperMeds. The procedure of placing the order is quite easy and can be completed in a few minutes and clicks. Your ordered product will be delivered to your given address. You can also place orders in bulk quantity as we offer this facility to our customers. Thus, end the discomfort of painful events by ordering online.