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Acceptable Use Policy

This is the policy for acceptable use terms agreed between you and us, following which you may have access to our website

Our site” refers to Supermeds.to, a website operated by SuperMeds Direct Ltd. We are a registered company in England and are responsible for all actions on our website.

This is the policy for acceptable use terms agreed between you and us, following which you may have access to our website. All users and visitors must abide by these acceptable use policies. If you use our website, you agree and accept all our fair use policies and terms of website use.

Prohibited Uses

You Can Use Our Website Just for Legitimate Purposes. You Cannot Access Our Website for the Following Cases:

  • To inflict harm on or attempt to inflict damage on minors in any way; 
  • To send, receive intently, download, upload, use, or re-use any material that is not up to the standards of our content; 
  • In a way to violate any applicable local, national, or international rule or regulation;
  • In any way that is criminal or illegal or that has any impact that is unlawful or fraudulent;
  • To knowingly transmit any data, send, or upload any material that contains viruses, time bombs, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, keystroke loggers, adware, or any other harmful programs or similar computer code that is designed to affect the operation of any computer software or hardware negatively;
  • To transmit or acquire the sending of any unauthorized or unsolicited promotional or advertising material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam).

You also Agree to the Following:

  • Not to interfere with, access without authorization, damage, or disrupt: 
  • Any part of our site; 
  • Any network or equipment on which we store our website;
  • Any software we use in the provision of our site; 
  • Any equipment, network, or software owned or used by any third party
  • Not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, or resell any part of our site in violation of our terms of website use.

Interactive Services

We may occasionally add interactive services to our website, including chat rooms and message boards (collectively, “interactive services”). Where we offer interactive services, we will be transparent with you about the nature of the services, whether they are moderated, and how they are moderated.

When users use any interactive service offered on our site, we will do our best to evaluate any potential risks posed by third parties for users (and specifically for children). We hold the right to decide in each case if it is right to moderate the relevant service. We also consider which type of moderation would be suitable as far as the risks are concerned. However, regardless of whether the interactive service is moderated or not, we are under no obligation to supervise, monitor, or moderate any interactive service that we offer on our website, and we expressly disclaim all responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from a user’s use of an interactive service in violation of our content standards.

A minor’s parent or legal guardian must provide permission before utilising any of our interactive services. Parents who allow their kids to use interactive services are advised to tell their kids about internet safety because moderation is not always practical. Any interactive service used by minors should make them aware of the dangers they could face.

If we moderate an interactive service, we will often give you a way to get in touch with the moderator if a problem or complaint arises.

Content Standards

These guidelines apply to all content you submit for inclusion on our website (“Contribution”) and any accompanying interactive services. You must abide by both the text and the spirit of the following requirements. The entirety and each component of any Contribution are subject to the standards. We’ll decide if a Contribution violates the content standards at our discretion.

Every Contribution Should Follow these:

  • Must be truthful (when stating facts);
  • Sincere (when expressing opinions); and
  • In compliance with the laws of the country from which they are posted.

No Contribution Should be:

  • Activities with sexually explicit content; 
  • Contain any material that defames another individual; 
  • Be profane, rude, hateful, or provocative;
  • Be likely to deceive anybody; 
  • Encourage violence; 
  • Encourage discrimination based on sex, race, religion, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or age; 
  • Violate any third party’s copyright, database right, or trademark;
  • Be made in violation of any legal obligation owed to a third party, such as a contractual or confidence obligation; 
  • Promote any criminal action; 
  • Follows the laws set by the court;
  • If it’s not true, offer the impression that we are the source of the Contribution;
  • Produce trouble, inconvenience, or undue distress; be threatening, abusive, or invading of another person’s privacy; be likely to harass, disturb, embarrass, alarm, or annoy any other person;
  • Be employed to represent your identity or affiliation with someone else falsely or to impersonate someone else;
  • Contain any advertising material or content to support any services or web links to other sites; 
  • Give the impression that they come from us if that is not the case; 
  • Contain a statement that you think or have reasons to believe that people for whom the information is written will encourage acts of terrorism against them.

Termination and Suspension 

We decide whether a user has breached this acceptable use policy while using our site. In case of a breach, we have the right to take lawful actions against the user.  

If any user cannot abide by this acceptable use policy, it is considered a breach of the terms of website use. We have the right to take any or all of the following actions in case of a breach:

  • Cancellation of your right to access our site immediately, temporarily, or permanently;
  • Removing all your contributions uploaded on our website on an immediate, short-term, or permanent basis;
  • Giving you an official warning;
  • Legal action is to be taken against you to recover all costs incurred on an indemnity basis (including, but not limited to, equitable administrative and legal fees) as a result of the violation.;
  • Additional judicial action against you; and/or
  • Sharing the information with law enforcement officials as we deem appropriate or as required by law.

We disclaim responsibility for any responses to violations of our acceptable use policy. The reactions outlined in this policy are merely examples; we reserve the right to take other sensible steps.


We hold the right to amend this policy now and again. When you wish to use our website, check out the latest version of these policies and ensure that you understand and abide by these policies. The most recent update to these policies was launched on (1 November 2022).